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Impartciality, Safety e Confidentiality

Innac – National Institute for Conformity Assessment of Products is a
Product Certification Organism accredited by INMETRO.


National Institute for Conformity
Assessment of Products

Innac was founded in 2007 and has a highly qualified team along with the necessary structure to meet different scopes of product certification. We operate throughout the national territory and internationally offering our customers an agile, efficient and reliable service. The work done by INNAC has a supreme importance for consumer safety.

To ensure the efficiency of our services, the company has a team of specialized professionals in the certification process. We work with subcontracted laboratories also accredited by INMETRO, or when allowed, evaluated by INNAC for the product testing. The identification Seal of conformity of a product is your assurance of safety.

INNAC: Certification today,
safety always.

What is certification?

It is a systematic process which aims to certify the conformity of a product to the required standards and pre-established rules of an assessment program issued by a com petent authority.

Due to legal requirements or to meet market needs, thus creating a competitive advantage.

It is a determination by a regulatory body established in order to bring relevant information about the product to the consumer, but also to avoid possible health risks.

It consists of the initiative of manufacturers or importers who wish to have a distinticve quality, realibility conveying the products and services offered. The products are sold voluntarily certified with the INNAC seal. In case of need of the Regulation of the Conformity Assessment, the same companies can also bear the Inmetro seal.

Certification activities are performed by public, private or outsourced companies. Only the Compulsory Certification is conducted by certification bodies accredited by the accrediting body of a country. In Brazil, the accrediting body is the National Institute of Metrology, Standardization and Industrial Quality, INMETRO

Innac´s Quality Policy

Innac´s Quality Policy is to ensure quality and continuous improvement of processes Conformity Assessment of products and services, ensuring them efficiency, agility and reliability. In order to sustain the Quality Policy, the INNAC aims to:

Strive to make sure its policies and procedures are communicated, understood and implemented by all employees;

Maintain a staff of qualified personnel committed to the seriousness of the services performed;

Provide communication channels with customers, providing access to rules and regulations so they can set standards in the pursuit of continuous improvement of products and / or servicesoffered to customers;

Encourage the pursuit of conformity of products and / or services within the criteria established by regulatory agencies and / or productive sectors;

Support governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in pursuit of continuous improvement;

Contribute technically to the regulatory agencies as to the preparation and review of the Standards and Specific Legislations.


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Telephone: 55 (11) 3315-0021 / 2078-9595
Adress: Av. Copacabana, 190 - 8º andar - Cj 801
Alphaville - CEP 06472-001
São Paulo/SP